There is a persistent rumor that Walt Disney was cyrogenically preserved in the basement of a building on the idyllic Cal Arts campus. The mystery surrounding his death coupled with the fact that it was rumored he spent thousands of dollars on cyrogenic research was the inspiration for the creation of the Frozen Walt Doll, a collaborative work of art by Burt Payne and Steve Hillenberg. The first two editions, Black Tie and Red Tie, financed their education at Cal Arts, the prestigious school founded by Walt Disney.
The Frozen Walt Doll epitomizes Payne's caustic humor and provides a wry commentary on the myths and magic of the Hollywood empire builder. "Someday, he'll come back to take Michael Eisner's position," says Payne in an allusion to the transitory nature of life and work in tinsel town.
The third edition, Green Tie edition of 1000, hand painted with each doll having its own distinct features, is available through Track 16 Gallery, as are a few of the older and rarer editions.

Actual size is approximately 5"x2"x1.5"
Green Tie Edition of 1000
A few art still available at

Burt Payne 3, Goodbye Cool World

Burt Payne 3, Access