he opportunity to present the work of Burt Payne 3 as the premiere exhibition of Track 16 Gallery is incredibly fortuitous, because it amplifies the philosophy of the gallery that art can and does play a formative role in the daily lives of people everywhere.
Using familiar, generally discarded objects (vintage metal lunch boxes, neon signs, ball pein hammers, etc.) Burt Payne 3 provides, in his words, "an access point for viewers, giving them an opportunity to engage in the conceptual layers the works have to offer." Laced with wit, his work aspires to "recapture a desinterested public, commenting on current social issues, accessible through humor."

99 Hammers, 1994
Ball pein hammers
(11 racks of 9 hammers)
456" x 17" x 4"

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Burt Payne 3, Goodbye Cool World