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Internal Guidance Systems


Contact: Anne Grgich

Images available upon request

Internal Guidance Systems
Curated by Anne Marie Grgich and Colin Rhodes

April 12 through May 3, 2008
Opening reception, April 12 from 6 to 9 PM

February 19, 2008, Santa Monica–Track 16 Gallery is pleased to present “Internal Guidance Systems,” a critical cross section from the vanguard of a new modern movement in visionary art. The exhibition is curated by Anne Marie Grgich and Colin Rhodes, and will be on view from April 12 through May 3, 2008, with an opening reception on Saturday, April 12, from 6 to 9 PM.

Internal Guidance Systems (IGS) presents the visionary outsider as the intuitive astronaut of the astral plains. The work of these modern visionaries can be seen as Rosetta stones of the cosmic subconscious. The exhibition includes maps, routes, and anatomical cross sections existing on ethereal wavelengths of poetic thought. IGS presents an arena where the quintessence of the human spirit is distilled into a magnetic force. “Artists in the exhibition have devised their own personal mythologies, creating a self-contained spiritual oasis as a filter to the harsh tangential truths that get glossed over by the irony and cynicism of their post modern peers. Representing the forefront of modern visionary art, the artists invite us into their sanctuary and allow viewers access to alternate realities.” (Anne Grgich, Paul Gasoi, 2003)

Artists include Lauren Atkinson & Donald Green, Donna Balma, Jim Bloom, Candy Brokaw, Eve Cohen, Robert Collison, Ted Degener, Harmut Eing, Noah Erenberg, Paul Gasoi, Anne Grgich, Norbert H. Kox, James Lancaster, Damian Lebas, Delaine Lebas, Cynthia Lund Torroll, Marcus Mårtenson, Damian Michaels, Tom Murrin, Mr. Imagination (Gregory Warmack), Adam Nidzgorski, Alison O'Donoghue, Robin Oliver, Jeremy Pruitt (aka Thinkmule), Huston Ripley, Fred Rinne, Ody Saban, Kevin Sampson, Jay Schuette, Dave Seehausen, Herbert Singleton, Catharyne Ward, Della Wells, Scott Williams, and Eric Wright. For more information please visit our website at archive.track16.com or www.internalguidancesystems.com. “Internal Guidance Systems” will be shown concurrently with “Introspective,” works by Gee Vaucher.