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Friday, May 9, 2003

A Night of Movement

Track 16 Gallery presents several short films as part of the Dance Camera West 2003 International Festival of Dance Film and an evening of live performances organized by the gallery. The films selected show dance film as a whole new contemporary art genre - a hybrid art form belonging neither to the purely representational arts nor to just the visual arts. Three different programs will be shown concurrently, set up throughout the gallery. Performances include the butoh performance collective Corpus Delecti created by Somavox members, Carla Melo and Joe Talkington, www.somavox.org. The group performs dance rituals of protest for peace. Break dancers Freeze and Fresh of the L.A. Breakers, and Zulu of A.T.U., of Project Blowed, will present their dance form with an innovative approach sans sound as a backdrop. Dancer/choreographer Michael Sakamoto will perform a work-in-progress, multimedia dance installation dealing with the contradictions inherent in human experience of society's gender and cultural expectations as well as between urban and natural environments. Sakamoto has toured solo and ensemble performances to France, Mexico City, Seattle, San Francisco and throughout Southern California. More information at www.michaelsakamoto.com.

Film program includes:

Program 1
Pretty Big Dig (Canada) 3:40 min. directed by Anne Troke with artists E. Breen, C. Greeley, R. Hunt.

Eve: The Temptation (Canada) 5:00 min.,directed by Brit Randle with artists Caroline Niklas-Gordon, Kev Elev.

Peep Show (Canada) 3:52 min.,directed by Robert DeLeskie with artists Sylive Bouchard, David Danzon

Disarmed (US) 2:36 min., directed by Nick Fox-Gieg

Send Me a Postcard (Italy)16:00 min., directed by Andreas Pichler with artists Katja Trojer, Susie Wisiak.

Program 2
End Movie (US) 9:45 min., directed by Thomas Dunn.

Program 3
Undercurrent (UK) 9:35 min., directed by Cathy Greenhalgh, Rosemary Butcher,
Catch (Struggle and Roll) (UK) directed by Gina Tornatore.

For more information on films, please visit www.dancecamerawest.org