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MICHAEL T. FOURNIER reads from his new book

Published by Three Rooms Press, NY, NY
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:30 P.M.
Books will be available for purchase

"Hidden Wheel": Profiting from a system designed to fail.

A new novel by author/rock critic Michael T. Fournier uses the indie art and music scenes as the backdrop for a hard look at the current banking crisis.

Amherst, MA-- 11/21/2011β€”In Michael T. Fournier's debut novel "Hidden Wheel, "an opportunistic trustfunder named Ben Wilfork starts an all-ages art/music space in the Midwestern town of Freedom Springs, intent on profiting on the artists and musicians he promotes, no matter the cost.

Max Caughin, who writes graffiti under the name Faze, gets famous quick with a series of paintings on CD covers. His buddy Bernie Reese donates sperm to raise money for a new drum kit so his two- piece noiserock band Stonecipher can record. Bernie's romantic interest (and former chess prodigy) Rhonda Barrett does dominatrix work by day and paints her life, sixty words at a time, on giant canvases by night to help stave off the Singularity. Their fates intertwine in a story reconstructed by William Molyneux, a 24th Century scholar reconstructing the Hidden Wheel scene after a solar flare erases all digital data in his era.

Hidden Wheel, Michael T. Fournier's debut novel, is an unflinching reflection of the growing complexities of navigating art, commerce, and the internet. Its use of intersecting plotlines illustrates the confusion and potential of the early 21st century and the evolving ways in which its inhabitants try to make a mark in the specter of financial upheaval and shifting technologies. Author Selah Saterstrom says "Don't be surprised if, upon finishing this book, you remember – and long for – an art, writing, and music you have never even encountered."

Hidden Wheel is published by New York City's Three Rooms Press, whose upcoming releases include Mike Watt's "On And Off Bass." It is available on all major online retailers and at select stores throughout the U.S. Hidden Wheel retails for $15.

About the Author

Michael T. Fournier is a veteran of the indie music scene. He is the author of "The Minutemen's Double Nickels On The Dime," the 45th installment of Continuum Press's influential "33 1/3" series. His music writing has appeared in the Oxford American, Pitchfork, Chunklet and the Boston Phoenix, and his fiction has appeared in Stolen Island Review, Barrelhouse and Pennsylvania English.

For more information about Hidden Wheel, including review copies, please call the author at (413) 203-9666 or email michaeltfournier (at) gmail.com.