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Friday, November 30, 8 P.M.

Ninth Nihilist Film Festival at Track 16 Gallery
Admission $5
RSVP 310 264 4678

24 October, 2007—Track 16 Gallery and the Nihilist Cultural Foundation present the Ninth Nihilist International Film Festival. The festival includes ninety minutes of short films from the U.S. and abroad. The films range from troubling to hilarious, from profound to completely silly. Pretty much, something for everyone (except children and clergy). The one-night-only screening will take place at Track 16 Gallery on November 30, 2007, at 8 P.M., admission $5. Reservations suggested.

Festival Director Elisha Shapiro commented, “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and in this presidential election campaign, there is such a clamoring for Nihilist art. This festival is like an antidote to all of the belief inundating us. And it’s really a lot of fun.”

As a special feature, all those who bring their own televisions and arrive fifteen minutes early will be able to include their appliances in the traditional ritual Blessing of the Televisions.

Nihilist Film Festival director Elisha Shapiro is a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist. He is known for presenting the 1984 Nihilist Olympics and the 1999 Nihilism Expo. He was also the Nihilist Party candidate for Governor last year, for President in 1988, and for LA county sheriff in 1992. Shapiro currently hosts and produces a monthly cable television show, Nihilists’ Corner, in Los Angeles and New York City.

More information is available at the Nihilists Corner website: www.nihilists.net and archive.track16.com.

Note: a copy of the festival will be available in November for review. Let us know if you would like a copy for review.