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Saturday, May 13, 8:00 P.M.

A Norman Yonemoto Clip Joint

On Saturday May 13 at 8:00 P.M., Track 16 Gallery presents the world premiere screening of famed multi-media artist Norman Yonemoto?s first single channel work in nearly a decade, A Norman Yonemoto Clip Joint.

Clip Joint is a video assemblage of clips and short sequences from motion pictures produced before 1964. Yonemoto isolates these clips from their predominantly Hollywood movie context and creates a new narrative with its own unique logic and meaning.

The polished surface of Hollywood classic movies creates a hyperbolic dream state of surprising complexity no matter how shallow the films content may be. Perfected by an army of artists and technicians of the Hollywood studio system, these powerful images manipulate the movie-goers? emotions as well as suspending their disbelief. Yonemoto blends these powerful images into a potent brew of self reflection and deconstruction.

As in his other videos and films, A Norman Yonemoto Clip Joint does not forgo the pleasure that is the integral part of the Hollywood movie-going experience. In his experimental films and videos, Yonemoto uses this pleasure to lead the viewer into some surprising and illuminating cul-de-sacs.