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Saturday, November 19th at 8:00 P.M.

Track 16 Gallery presents
Curated by Deborah Oliver

12 Performance Installations
One Night Only
Saturday, November 19, 2005, at 8:00 P.M.
Admission $12
Reservations required 310.264.4678

IRRATIONAL EXHIBITS 4 follows in the tradition of its own innovative past: simultaneous and continuous presentation of discrete performance installations over the span of a two-hour period. The stark, empty, gallery setting lacking theatrical prosceniums or dividing structures provides a tabula rasa for the artists. This unique environment allows the audience to experience an intimate and rare sense of access to the performers, their performative spaces, and their actions and intents.

The evenings' Performance Installations include:

Tony Banuelos, Dave Burns, Claudia Bucher and Julie Lequin, Mariel Carranza, Carol Cetrone, aka Perpetua, Zack Davis, The Elizabeths: Elizabeth Tremante, Micole Elisabeth Hebron and Kristin Elizabeth Calabrese, Janice Gomez, Douglas Green, David Khang, Tiffany Trenda

Video: Jose Villar

IRRATIONAL EXHIBITS 4 is an eclectic mix of genres and artists that speak to the moment, the personal, and the political, for example, Tony Banuelos' "Modern Nomad" addresses the struggle and anxiety caused by the quest to find and create a "home," while Dave Burns' "BABYMACHINE" calls into question sexual reproduction. Claudia Bucher and Julie Lequin stage "The Adventures of Claudzilla and the C-men: Dive Attack Plan RRR!," during which Mariel Carranza attempts to subvert nature, to the realization that nature is undeniable. While Perpetua & Co. present a cinematic investigation into the laws of opposition, Zack Davis' live ping-pong match refereed by an active potter blurs the lines between the apparent extremes of fact and fiction. The Elizabeths will fan the flames of inspiration as audience members transform devotional objects into objet d'art, and at the same time, Janice Gomez utilizes familiar materials to create unfamiliar, but sometimes oddly familiar experiences. In Douglas Green's "A Snail From Ripley's Garden," considerable amounts of children's putty and play slime create a curious narrative fed by the gooey toys and science fiction films of youth, and concurrently David Khang channels Shigeko Kubota's Vaginal Painting (1965)" which she painted using "her vagina" instead Khang uses a paint brush attached to a butt plug to paint with his anus; and Tiffany Trenda creates a digital environment utilizing images of a moving utility elevator lightly basing her performance on Giovanni Bellini's "Feast of Gods." Jose Villar's video performance, "Stealth" reflects the personal alienation from one's place of rest and explores the sense of disconnectedness to a place that is called home. As promised, the performances will run the gamut of sight, sound, and experience. It is an evening that should not be missed.