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Friday, May 27, 2005
World Premiere

Puzzles of the Gods: a performance by
Linda Carmella Sibio

Reservations required
Admission is $10

Having searched from the pinnacles of Zeus to the depths of McDonalds, Linda Carmella Sibio explores the relationships between myth and dysfunctional love. Sibio”s performance piece, Puzzles of the Gods, is about the desire for what she terms, “holy dismemberment,” or spiritual cleansing through torture and pain.

In her first solo performance piece in Los Angeles since 1995, Sibio delves deeply into a remote psychological space”in various tribal cultures, the states of hallucination or trance are considered very spiritual, and it is from this trance-like space that Sibio conjures up her gods, demons, and puzzles. During the performance, a nurse (played by Angela Trent) hands Sibio puzzles which she attempts to piece together, each puzzle representing different aspects of the gods.

Sibio does not create a space to find answers, but one that allows for revealing questions. Conjuring up the unholy to investigate the holy, Puzzles of the Gods was conceived and written by Sibio in conjunction with her exhibition of paintings, “The Insanity Principle” on view at Track 16 Gallery through June 11, 2005. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 A.M. through 6 P.M.

Linda Carmella Sibio is well known for her large-scale installation/performance works which include West Virginia Schizophrenic Blues, Hallelujah I”m Dead, Azalea Trash, Apartment 409, and Energy and Light and Their Relationship to Suicide.