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Friday, July 23, 2004

A panel discussion exploring current issues related to working on Cuban-oriented projects. Many American cultural and business entrepreneurs are actively pursuing programs and other activities in Cuba that are within the bounds of ever changing U.S. and Cuban law. Many are planning for the post-embargo period. The panel will present real-life experiences and will address the many opportunities and obstacles ranging from the difficult legal, cultural, geographic, and financial challenges, as well as business attitudes and practices, to the joys of working with the Cuban people.

The panel will be led by Adolfo V. Nodal, a Cuban-American cultural development expert and director of a U.S. nonprofit foundation that is focused on Cuba. The panel will include several practitioners in the field including a Los Angeles design firm that is currently assisting a museum expansion in Havana, a Canadian company that has a media/fashion company in Cuba, and a prominent art gallery director who represents Cuban artists.

Stephen Johnson/Jean Gash Architects.

Darrel Couturier, Owner Couturier Gallery LA

Dean Hamilton, President, The Havana Company.