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October 24, 8pm

The Power and Passion to Create

In conjunction with the exhibitions, The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were" and "Table Turners. . . ", Track 16 Gallery presents The Power and Passion to Create, a lecture given by internationally renowned photographer, Norman Seeff. Seeff's piece (photograph with accompanying filmed session DVD) of Ray Charles is currently on display in the exhibition. He has photographed such personalities as Zubin Mehta, Martin Scorcese, Chaka Khan, and Norman Mailer, among others. See description below:

"Early in my career as a photographer of public personalities, I began to focus upon creating what I call the Essential Image, " Norman Seeff writes. "As a result, my sessions transformed into intense experiences in which artists performed live as we worked together to achieve a spontaneity before the camera. In effect, the session became the art form as I shifted my role to 'creative communicator' - director and explorer of the inner dynamics of creative individuals."

"In 1975, inspired by the powerful emotional experiences and creative breakthroughs resulting from this process, I started filming my photo-sessions. To date we have accumulated over three and a half million feet of film of hundreds of renowned artists exploring the inner dynamics of creativity over 30 years. This unprecedented body of recorded material of artists at work provides an enormous resource to observe and gain direct insight into the inner processes of innovative artists in the throes of creation."

"We will initiate this multimedia program using filmed material of artists and innovators of all the major disciplines in the act of creation. Using this material as a foundation for discussion we will present a New Map of the Creative Process and outline the essential emotional strengths at the core of innovative creativity."