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June 18, 2003, 8pm

In conjunction with the exhibition, Le Dernier Cri: Legendary Publishers of the International Underground, Track 16 Gallery presents Cinéma Brut: a soirée of animators and film makers displaying their crude efforts before the Queen of the French Underground: Madame Caroline Sury. Mme. Sury presents two Le Dernier Cri classics: Le Dernier Cri (The Last Scream)1997 and Hospital Brut (Rough Hospital) 1999 which she and her partner, Pakito Bolino, shot, performed in and forced out of a cast of who's who in the International Underground comix scene. Made in Marseille in an abandoned maternity hospital.

Track 16 will project Le Dernier Cri's two 30 minute films largely whilst rare video projections play throughout the gallery by some of our local filmy heroes* who also suffer from tete exalteé. Un-Organized by Georganne Deen.

*Charles Schneider of Silverlake: 1978 Grand Guignol Classic: It Took Guts and Help Is On the Way, a new music vid for The Centimeters Anonymous of Hollywood showing his early music videos of Cramps, Barnes and Barnes , Nick Cave, Visiting Kids, etc The Mail Order Brides of Frankenstein (San Francisco) god knows what The Residents of San Francisco: Icky Flicks Calef Brown (L.A.) presents 5 brief obfuscations Will Amato (L.A.): a few episodes of Tim Burton's "Stainboy" that he art directed and animated. Ric Heitzman of Atwater presents something marvelous Wayne White of Los Feliz presents G Deen of the Valley: found animations (that she actually made and lost, found later) Danny Elfman of L.A. shows Forbidden Zone (even tho he didn't make it, he plays the devil out of the violin in it)