At precisely 7 p.m. on Friday, April 19, 2002, Track 16 Gallery will open its doors to a public preview of...

OI! (the Original Invoice show)
10 days
100 works
50% off what we paid

...wherein one hundred works of art, most of it purchased in the early 90's by collector/gallery owner Tom Patchett, will be sold for exactly half the amount he paid.

Original invoices will be exhibited alongside the works, to assure buyers that prices are "as advertised." According to Patchett, "It's sort of a 'post-Enron, public trust idea.' Full financial disclosure is pretty rare in the art world, so we thought we'd try it and see what happens. And while these discounted prices are meant to help sell the work in a timely manner, in no way are they meant to discredit the artists or their dealers. Especially the artists."

Among the artists represented in the exhibition are: Altoon, Applebroog, Baldessari, Burden, Borofsky, Duchamp, Eisenman, Kelley, Lachowicz, Lere, Lichtenstein, Moses, Ocampo, Ono, Oppenheim, Prince, Ramos, Rosen, Man Ray, Ruscha, Sherman, Skoglund, Sultan, Thiebaud, Vallance, Warhol, Wegman and Zucker.

The show will run through April 28th, including Sundays.

View the checklist.
No works will be placed on "hold". Advance purchases must be paid for in full by credit card. Email inquiries to