SEPTEMBER 1997 ~ NOVEMBER 15, 1997

One of the most important young artists to have emerged from Los Angeles in the last decade, internationally renowned Manuel Ocampo works in the updated tradition of political allegorists like Gericault, Goya, Daumier and Leon Golub.

In exuberant works reminiscent of but not nostalgic for folk paintings, Ocampo's blending of high and low culture, academic and popular, the sacred and secular, image and text supercharge canvases with a blatant disregard for stylistic and idomatic consistency.

Gutsy, bold and filled to the brim with socio-political critique and a perverse take on religious themes, Ocampo has perfected the art of the alchemist — "transforming horror into exquisite beauty, history into art, purgatory into salvation."

Ocampo was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1995 and has been living in Europe for the last year.

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