Nam! 1949 RKO Radio Pictures 1999
oil on canvas
36 x 72 in.

Eric White’s hyper-intensive, distortedly lucid paintings explore the shifting boundaries between beauty and horror. Developing out of the artist’s fascination with the illusionary properties and constructions of film, the paintings in Motion Pictures examine the varying layers of human perception by manipulating planes of focus, form, and color. Designed to approximate the ratio of the cinemascope film frame, they are larger in scale than White’s previous work and stunning in their visual impact. Accompanying the exhibition is Eric White: Blue Folds of Skin, the newest in Smart Art Press’s Pinspot Series of artists’ books. An informal and unrestricted journey through the warped pages of the artist’s sketchbooks, the book combines grotesque drawings, obscure texts, dream recollections, and amateur poetry to explore themes of paranoia, metaphysics, eroticism, nostalgia, and joy.

Eric White at Smart Art Press