Ed Hardy
Permanent Curios
September 27, 1997 ~ November 15, 1997

Reborn, 1997
14 x 8"

Another Day In Paradise, 1997
26.25 x 19.5"

Don Ed Hardy, premier American tattooist and publisher, is largely responsible for both the intelligent evolution of tattooing and its acceptance as a unique and everlasting art form.
Hardy has elevated the practice of putting images into skin by using a multitude of graphic styles, a fluency of symbolic vocabulary, and a variety of art historical references. He spreads the gospel of the form.

In Old Siena, 1996
26 x 19.5"

Simultaneously, while deeply entrenched in a career as a tattoo artist, Hardy has consistently worked in more traditional mediums, although he is not as well known in the "fine" art world. Hardy's tattoo history has greatly informed his paintings and etchings, as evidenced in this catalogue.
In style and subject matter, he combines influences from both tattoo and art history, resulting in strange and extraordinary compositions on paper.

Save Your Fare (D.I.Y.), 1996
23.5 x 15.75"

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