Track 16 Gallery is pleased to announce its next summer exhibtion, "The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm," part social edification, and part toilet humor for mademoiselles of breeding age and up. Starring: parker pine, Georganne Deen, Johanna Went, Liz Young, Annalisa, Mackie Osborne, Samantha Harrison, Christine Shields, and Alison Elizabeth Taylor; nine artists whose only connection to one another is their inability to make any effort to fit in. Otherwise, they are lovely creatures who are difficult to categorize. The opening reception commences with the death knell of summer on August 17 from 7 to 10 P.M. with performances by Johanna Went, Liz Young, and Georganne Deen. The exhibition will continue through the last wheeze of Hades on September 7, 2002. Gallery hours are noon to 5:00 P.M., Tuesday through Saturday.

A hundred page, mind-blowing catalogue to shop from, presumably while resting in an out-house, published by Western Witch and Smart Art Press, is available for $10 at the gallery and on the Smart Art Press website: www.smartartpress.com.