Russell Forester

April 25-June 10, 2000
opening reception: April 25th from 5-7 p.m.

 : Trees are the focus of Russell Forester's haunting new work. The ink and acrylic works on paper that comprise this exhibition are clearly suffused with the great insight Forester has gained in his lifelong exploration of this motif. In the pieces, trees emerge magically from the paper in various states of abstraction and stylization; swarms of numbers and letters take the place of leaves, swaying in the branches of the trees and tumbling gracefully to the ground. Trees, numbers and letters are all familiar motifs in the work of Forester, who began his extensive career as a largely self-taught architect in the 1950s, with a personal style developed out of International Style modernism, and moved into painting and sculpture in the 1960s. The earnest nature of his latest exploration of the motif infuses each piece with a vigor that seems to lift it off the page, making for a deeply compelling body of work.