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On display in the Vault Room AKA The Small Objects Room
From Thursday, September 27 until further notice

With the launch of Track 16 eighteen years ago, Tom Patchett opened the doors to what would prove to be the most important kunsthalle in Los Angeles. For almost two decades Track 16 has been the most radical gallery in town. Their programming has been consistently experimental, the spirit of the place has been inclusive and expansive, and Tom has mounted countless shows that nobody else in town would even consider. We're all deeply in his debt for what he's given the city, and with the closing of Track 16 we're losing a lot.

Among the many wonderful things Tom brought to Los Angeles is art by Gail Greenfield Randall. Gail's had three exhibitions at Track 16 over the past six years, and this, her fourth and final show there, takes a retrospective look at where her art has been and where it's going. Randall's early assemblages were built around coherent narratives that were lyrical and poetic in tone, and they spoke in a gentle whisper. The underlying theme linking the work together was the passage of time; this inexorable fact touches us all, and it's the source of the power of Randall's art.

Randall's newest work takes the viewer to a slightly darker place. The narratives in the boxes have grown more fractured and open-ended, and flashes of something sinister and unsettling ignite many of them. This new work is mysterious and challenging, and it leaves the viewer to wander alone through a strange interior landscape with no safe haven in sight. In short, the work has grown up; Randall's art of 2012 speaks to us in a different voice, but it continues to remind us of the passage of time.

-Kristine McKenna