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Saturday, June 23, 2012
4–6:30 P.M. in the Smart Art Press Books & Multiples Store
Free and open to the public

Pioneering LA performance artist The Dark Bob and MITB Records invite you to visit Track 16 Gallery (in the fabulous Smart Art Press Library) for a LISTENING PARTY to celebrate the release of The Dark Bob's TWO (not one, but TWO!) new cds. "Monkey Do" and "The Sadness of Superman". 

"The Sadness of Superman: A Musical Melange for the Man of Steel" was composed for Orchestra and Chorus. From whimsical whistling to thunderous Orchestral arrangements, you'll be dazzled by the scope of musical styles used to tell the EPIC tale of Superman - his hopes, fears, triumphs and loves. 

"Monkey Do" is a collection of 14 original new songs. Performed mostly on miniature and toy instruments! Longtime listeners will revel in The Dark Bob's signature "sincerity and silliness". From aggressive rockers to tear jerkers, "Monkey Do" is a fearless exploration of love in it's various incarnations.

BUT COME LISTEN FOR YOURSELF! Have a drink and a snack! Talk with The Dark Bob...see if he will explain why he dresses the way he does, because no one has yet to figure that out. 


Born in Santa Monica, California, THE DARK BOB began his art career in 1974 when he co-founded the multi-media art team BOB & BOB while studying Fine Art at the Art Center College of Design (then in Los Angeles).

Bob & Bob's early artworks and performance documentations were prominently featured last year in several of the Getty Museum's "PACIFIC STANDARD TIME" shows highlighting the history of art in Los Angeles, Their performance documentation was also included in the Pompidou's controversial "Los Angeles: Birth of an Art Capital" in 2006.

In collaboration and as a solo artist, The Dark Bob has performed and exhibited extensively across the United States and beyond. Institutions include MOCA (Los Angeles), LACE, LAICA, LACMA (Rental gallery), Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Walker Art Center, Kansas City Art Institute, Portland Center for the Visual Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston...oh lord, this goes on and on...

As a natural 'collaborator', he has partnered with many friends on some notable peices - including Rachel Rosenthal, Llyn Foulkes, Barbara T. Smith, George Herms, poet Lewis MacAdams, and comedian Andy Dick.

The Dark Bob's music has been produced by PolyGram/Polydor Records, Chronic Interactive Media, MOCA (Los Angeles), High Performance Records and his own MITB Records. These songs, soundtracks and audio-works have been programmed on radio and featured in theatre pieces and feature films.

The Dark Bob just released his 10th and 11th studio albums on his MITB label and is currently working on watercolors and dioramas which he will be exhibiting this year. Also, he and his partner, The Light Bob, will be joining forces to create some much anticipated new work by Bob & Bob!